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BIOS의 PSG 관련 루틴을 패치하여, SCC 사운드를 출력하는 프로그램입니다.


출처 : http://www.tiny-yarou.com/sccplay_e.html






    NandemoSCC 2.3b + NandemoSCC Converter 2.0

    NandemoSCC23b_SCCConv2.zip 2015/4/1 update!
    • NandemoSCC Converter was updated.(2015/4/1)


    from DISK

      1. Convert NANDEMOSCC.dsk to a floppy disk.
      2. Insert a SCC-cartridge in slot-1.
      3. Insert the floppy disk in a drive, and boot MSX.
      4. On the command line of MSX-DOS, enter "SCC".
        If you want to start after loading a ROM image file into memory, enter "SCC <rom-image-file>".

      If you don't have a sound cartridge of SNATCHER, you can also be used any game cartridge that SCC is mounted.
      In that case, insert the cartridge after MSX-DOS is booted.
      However, because there is a possibility that the MSX fails, please go at your own risk.

    from ROM ( e.g. MegaFlashROM SCC+ SD)

      1. Write SCCBOOT.ROM to MFRSCC+SD.


      2. Insert MFRSCC+SD in slot-1, insert the ROM you want to play in slot-2, and then boot the MSX while holding down the [SHIFT].

      If you use the emulator, it is only necessary to insert SCCBOOT.ROM in slot-1.
      However, if using openMSX, please adjust the size of SCCBOOT.ROM just to 8KB.


    Select an item with the cursor up and down, change the parameters in the left and right.
    When all the settings are finished, press space to start.


    [tR] ... only turboR

    SCC chA,chB,chC ... Select waveform of each SCC channel. You should not be thinking deeply about names :)
    • @0 ... no sound
    • @1 ... sawtooth wave
    • @2 ... square wave
    • @3 ... square wave ( duty ratio 75% )
    • @4 ... sine wave
    • @5 ... base
    • @6 ... double
    • @7 ... kona
    • @8 ... nam 1
    • @9 ... nam 2

    PSG ... Setting whether PSG sounds or not. However, if BIOS is "CUSTOM (INT)", this setting is ignored and PSG sounds.
    • ON ... Send the same data to SCC and PSG.
    • OFF ... Send data to SCC only. Sound made from PSG, include noise generator, does not sound at all.

    • NORMAL ... Use normal BIOS.
    • CUSTOM(I/O) ... Copy BIOS to RAM, and rewrite WRTPSG(0093H) to jump to SCC control program. This is useful for applications that are using BIOS to control PSG.
    • CUSTOM(INT) ... Copy BIOS to RAM, and rewrite KEYINT(0038H) to jump to SCC control program. Using the interrupt to monitor PSG registers, and always copy data to SCC registers.
    • CUSTOM[DRAM](I/O)[tR] ... Place the same BIOS as "CUSTOM(I/O)" to segments for DRAM-MODE of mapper RAM.
    • CUSTOM[DRAM](INT)[tR] ... Place the same BIOS as "CUSTOM(INT)" to segments for DRAM-MODE of mapper RAM.

      With DRAM-MODE, it is possible to rewrite completely BIOS, it does not consume even first 64KB of MAIN-RAM.
      If you have a turboR, I think it's enough for bottom two.

    • RAM(COPY FROM ROM) ... Copy ROM in the slot to RAM, and rewriting the place that call WRTPSG(0093H), and then boot on RAM.
    • RAM(ROM image file) ... RAM is regarded as ROM, and rewriting the place that call WRTPSG(0093H), and then boot on RAM. If you launch from disk and loaded a ROM image file, please use this mode.
    • ROM ... Boot ROM in the slot without all of the conversion. Of course, if BIOS setting is "NORMAL", SCC does not sound.
    • DISK[tR] ... Reboot the MSX. All settings and SCC control program is not cleared, but first 16KB of MAIN-RAM (custom BIOS area) is cleared. Does not make much sense when BIOS is not "CUSTOM[DRAM]". This setting is for a disk version software.

    ROM SLOT ... Specify slot of ROM to play.
    • 00H-03H ... basic slot
    • 80H-8FH ... expansion slot

    CPU ... This option is not related to SCC, is an added bonus.
    • Z80 ... normal speed
    • R800[tR] ... high speed

    PRG ADDR ... Specify the address to place SCC control program.
    • D000 ... Application that works even if there is only 8KB of RAM, it will work in this setting.
    • E000 ...
    • F000 ...
    • F750 ... Use workarea of PARM2(F750H).
    • F87F ... Use workarea of FNKSTR(F87FH).

    SCC SLOT ... Specify slot of SCC.
    • 00H-03H ... basic slot
    • 80H-8FH ... expansion slot
    • "???" ... search automatically at the start

    PRESET SETTING ... I have prepared the settings that you use frequently as a preset. When you press [1]-[6], switch to each setting.
    • [1]ROM/USE RAM ... MSX1, up to 32KBROM, use BIOS to control PSG
    • [2]MEGAROM/CUSTOM BIOS(I/O) ... MSX1, all ROM, use BIOS to control PSG
    • [3]MEGAROM/CUSTOM BIOS(INT) ... MSX1, all ROM, use interrupt to control PSG
    • [4]MEGAROM/CUSTOM BIOS[DRAM](I/O)[tR] ... All MSX, all ROM, use BIOS to control PSG
    • [5]MEGAROM/CUSTOM BIOS[DRAM](INT)[tR] ... All MSX, all ROM, use interrupt to control PSG
    • [6]DISK/CUSTOM BIOS[DRAM](I/O)[tR] ... All MSX, all media, use BIOS to control PSG

Quick Start Movie

    with closed caption.


NandemoSCC Converter

2015/4/1 update!
    NandemoSCC Converter is a tool to convert a ROM image file to a new ROM image file including the SCC driver.
    The ROM image file that was converted by the tool works in stand-alone, it is not necessary to boot the NandemoSCC in advance.

    Please download NandemoSCC23b_SCCConv2.zip, and start "SCCCONV.exe" in "forPC" folder. 


    After you have the setting, please drag and drop ROM image files.

    Replace code
      A place that is calling BIOS for PSG control, you can rewrite it to call a specific address.
      You can also set to a value other than the address on the pull-down list.

    Include SCC-Driver
      If you check this, you can create a new ROM image files that include the SCC driver of NandemoSCC.

      chA,chB,chC... Select the waveform of each channel of SCC. Only selected waveform data is written to the new ROM image file.

      PSG off... If you check this, PSG doesn't sound.

      Original ROM type
      • Normal ... Non Megarom (non mapper)
      • Megarom (KONAMI without SCC) ... Megarom of Konami
      • Megarom (ASCII8 Mapper) ... Megarom other than Konami
      • Megarom (ASCII16 Mapper) ... Megarom other than Konami (Please try this if you do not work with ASCII8)
      • Megarom (R-TYPE) ... For R-TYPE

For example, "DRACULA.ROM" will be output with the name "DRACULA_SCC.ROM".
Log file at the time of the conversion is output as "DRACULA_SCC.log".
You can drop multiple files at a time, but they will be converted with the same settings.

New ROM image file that is created, will be the ROM that corresponds to the mapper called "Konami SCC" or "Konami5".
  • New ROM image file, than the original ROM image file, is increased 8KB-16KB.
  • When you write this ROM image file to MegaFlashROM, please use "/K5" option.
  • In blueMSX, when you set the ROM image file to SLOT, please change to the ROM type "Konami SCC".
  • In openMSX, please select the cartridge type "Konami with SCC".

    E-mail: tiny_yarou@yahoo.co.jp
    twitter: @tiny_yarou

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